These reflections were written or collected over a period of 10 years. Many are my own writings; some, written by others, expressed my feelings at the time that I read them, and still do. In the beginning, I had no idea of showing these personal reflections to others or even of saving them. But save them I did, tucking pieces of paper into files or notebooks. Occasionally, I would reread one or two, more if I had time. I found that they allowed me to revisit earlier times in my life, with the perspective of added experience. About five years ago, I began to archive my papers and to think of these reflections as “life” lines, then “living” lines. As I organized, I felt the desire to share my “living” lines with friends. Friends, in turn, encouraged me to organize them into a book, and the name came to be capitalized in my thoughts. Thus, my title—Living Lines.

When  reading to a group, please attribute to Living Lines. To use in some other way, please request permission from Permission to use any of the quotations other than my own must be obtained from the individual copyright holders (as acknowledged on pages 350–352 of the book).



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